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Video is an effective tool in the learning process. It can educate, train and motivate your audience. From videos integrated into online courses to stand-alone corporate training programs, Directions has the experience to deliver what you need.

We collaborate with instructional designers and SMEs on concept development and production planning. Then our team takes the deep dive into content to understand your material and your end goal.

What makes a good educational video? It could be real or staged classroom interactions. Or a humorous skit with professional actors. Or a fast-paced motion graphics video. Whatever the creative approach, we have it covered. Our staff of talented professionals has worked literally around the world, and we bring that broad range of experience to your project.

Your video may need to fit together with other components in the course. We are highly skilled in interactive media design, integrating videos with user interface, navigation and functionality. All of this is seamless to you and your audience.

Trust Directions’ videos to help you make that vital connection between instructor and learner.

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